Technologies Poznik

Technology is a combination of several scientific processes, capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter by means of information or code. Through the precise application of TP technology it is possible to select, amplify and imprint specific energy information (vibrations). Information is imprinted in numbers, where each number contains hundreds of sets of information. Information has been accumulated through research over a period of several decades.

TP technology is backed by 30 years of research & innovation and was developed by a team of world class inventors, who received over 90 international awards & recognitions for their exceptional achievements.

TP Technology presents a combination of numerous scientific procedures:

Microcosmic energy symbolThe energy symbol derives from a "MAGIC LIFE" protective form
TP technology uses a microcosmic energy symbol--the spring of information--to positively affect the water, in terms of its structure and information properties, and our body, as a result.

The energy symbol derives from a "magic life" protective form, and is enhanced by a precise selection of information (vibrations) in the form of information codes. Moreover, an orgone emitters in a Poznik lab inscribes the energy symbol, in addition to information, with a frequency for stabilization, activation and information transfer by way of emit information.

State estimation of objects beings and circumstances


State estimation of objects beings and circumstances

  • Developing protocols and approaches for changing the present state,
  • Creating information imprints of people, animals, plants, space and the environment,
  • Harmonised with the help of natural laws
Code inscription of element properties and vibrations


Code inscription of element properties and vibrations

  • Evaluation of different states and influences,
  • Methods of balancing and the removal of the causes,
  • Using numerical inscriptions, energy form calculations, colour influence characteristics, audio transcriptions and sociological, philosophical and historical elements,
  • Producing a code inscription for the processing of changes
Data transfer with orgone emitters


Data transfer with orgone emitters

  • Transferring up to hundreds of thousands clusters of information,
  • Transferring universal information and a certain pick of carefully selected information for specific purposes,
  • Functioning at a broader and also a narrower scale,
  • Orgone emitters of our own design and make improved and protected by copyright

Vitaliser for a healthy and full lifeHYDRONIC TECHNOLOGY
It includes knowledge about imprint, transfer, data capturing and treatment Technology
Vitaliser, for a healthy and full life

  • It removes negative information in water,
  • Helps to vitalise and revive water,
  • Contributes to reduceing genotoxicity level,
  • Influence on the structure and electrodynamics of molecular compounds whatsoever,