Invento and Founder

Poznik Vili, Inventor and Founder

An exceptional innovator from Celje

Vili Poznik, the exceptional innovator from Celje, at 80 years of age holds a great amount of international awards for his numerous innovations of which many are patented. His chief goal is helping people and improving the quality of life as his accessible inventions improve health and wellbeing. During the making of his many inventions he collaborated with hospitals, clinics, universities and scientists from different fields at home and abroad. In his work he focuses on the fields of physical medicine and information technology, which are based on quantum physics. Some call this extremely promising technology the technology of the third millennia.

Vili Poznik’s innovations concern mainly the quality of water, air and food. They improve wellbeing, health and our energy state. A manufacturing engineer by profession, he has been inventing for more than 60 years and still invents incredible products which can also be bought. His inventor’s journey began already in high school. He made an immense amount of products and is a pioneer in the field of informed products. He likes to joke that he isn’t interested in making products that anyone else can make. When he gets an idea from “up there” as he says, he always knows how to make it happen. He is disappointed only in that Slovenian companies and official Slovenian science have too little of trust in innovation from this young but promising scientific field.

An Inexhaustible Source of Energy

His daughter, Mojca Poznik has confirmed that along with his creativeness, Vili has inexhaustible energy. He rarely takes the time to rest and doesn’t sleep a lot. He says that he doesn’t need it, apart from a few short naps. When he gets an idea, he immediately gathers the family so that they can start working. Each day he gets ideas for at least two more products that he would wish to create and offer to the public. The family can barely keep up, says Mojca. She adds that in all the years they have been to vacation only four times, because according to Vili, vacations and rest are a waste of time.

A Myriad of Products

Amongst the great many of Poznik’s inventions are those which improve the quality of water, reduce the negative effects from the environment (radiation from electronic devices), strengthen the organism or are meant for medicinal use. The most known among these are the informed glasses (for vitality, combating stress and for losing weight), informed cups, pitchers and the Hydronic, a device installed in the water system which informs the water all around the house. With the device for relieving pain and the device for help with urine incontinence and prostate health Vili also passes into the field of magnetic therapy. He also works with protection against radiation with products such as the protective USB key and the protective mobile phone sticker.