Orgone Emitter XX-YY, Pen

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The Orgone Emitter in the form of a pen allows us to have a useful tool for directed treatment of objects, plants, animals, people and circumstances, with us at all times.

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The result of transferred or directed information, orders or wishes can be measured with the help or radiesthesia, kinesiology or any of the methods where different apparatus and procedures are used.

Some of them are used all around the world more and more and are established. Mostly this means the Kirilan camera, which today is called the GDV camera in its improved form. Particularly useful is the Allium or onion-test. The Darkfield method is also used, which means inspecting a fresh drop of blood under a microscope over a dark field, and many more who provide answers as to what changes can be measured as an effect of the Poznik Information Technologies.

Instructions for use:

We hold the pen with the right hand and activate it with a press of the button on top. Thus activated, we can point the pen at objects, people, animals, plants or circumstances on which we wish to exert influence. While doing this, we must open the palm of the left hand upwards and form our wish or demand inside our minds.

The physicist Dr. Yuri Yatsko says that all things can be measured with modern electronic devices and methods of modern science, but the same results can be achieved comparably and repeatedly with methods known to us since the dawn of man, such as radiesthesia and kinesiology. However, the public is not as aware of the effectiveness and competency of these methods. These methods have been tried and approved with the help of modern devices and procedures, which with their confirmations grant validity to these old revelations.

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