Informed Glass - Green

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The Informed Green Glass revitalises water and neutralises the damaging effects of dissolved substances.

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The revitalised water enhances the vitality of people, plants and animals. The Glasses improve the taste of any kind of water and reduce its genotoxicity up to 40%.

The Glass is used at all times when drinking water, even if the water is from plastic bottles. Its capacity is 2.5 dl.

When water makes its way to our taps it absorbs a whole variety of harmful substances, which can be neutralised by using the Informed Glass. This is possible because of information imprinted in the crystal glass, which change the chemical and physical properties of the water and improve its ability to cleanse itself.

8 glasses of water a day from the Informed Glass will make your body work to its best ability, providing it with the strength to ameliorate many sicknesses or even heal them.

The water from the Informed Glass has a soothing taste, so that even those who did not have the habit of drinking much water will find it pleasing. It is especially pleasing to your pets and plants, which show increased vitality and growth after drinking water from the Informed Glass.

The different coloured Informed Glasses are also used in chromotherapy. The green colour positively influences the heart chakra, increases decisiveness, influences our outlook and creates a stronger bond with nature. Drinking clean water from the Informed Green Glass increases your vitality. The Informed Glasses have the ability to energise, revive and reform the structure of water being used. The information imprinted has a positive influence on the water and on your body itself. The vitalised water bonds more effectively so as to have a greater function in the cleansing of toxins from the body.

The special Magic Life sign, printed on the bottom of the Glass, concentrates the energy from your surroundings so as to make the positive effects of the Informed Glass even stronger.

The Informed Glasses are made from quality glass, which has the ability to accumulate and store the imprinted information. The Information is imprinted in the orgone laboratory of Vili POZNIK in Celje. Their effectiveness is controlled in the Ljubljana biological laboratory Allium with tests for genotoxicity.

Losing weight with the Informed Green Glass:

The Informed Green Glass is coded in a way that gently changes the structure of water so as to improve our ability to lose undesired weight.

If you have heart or kidney problems you must consult your doctor about drinking increased amounts of water.

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