Information Transfer Technology

For the transfer of captured and treated information we use orgone emitters.
From the research of Wilhelm Reich we know that orgone is ether, the universal ocean of cosmic energy which envelops and propels the entire universe and energy fields of organisms. It affects all processes and meteorological conditions in the earth’s atmosphere and galactic shifts.

During the transfer of information we use orgone emitters of our own design and make, improved and protected by copyright. On one side we have elements which carry coded information and messages. We connect these elements with orgone emitters and other transformers of information currents and point them at different objects, materials and beings.

On the picture, the last of the informing procedures is shown. In this phase we emit carefully selected information to the target objects using various media, devices and circumstances.

By doing this we can achieve the imprint of information in objects which in turn emit information into their own environment and act according to its function and accumulated data.

During this procedure from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand clusters of information are transferred.

The information used is comprised of a library of universal information and a certain pick of carefully selected information for specific purposes. With this we achieve functionality on a broader and also a narrower scale if needed.