Information Imprint Technology

Based on knowledge and experience from the field of Poznik Information Technology it is possible to perform estimations of the state of different objects and beings as well as circumstances. With this approach we get an answer which we call information imprint.
The information imprint provides us with information about the universal and special states, which allows us to develop protocols and approaches for changing the present state. Information imprints can be made for people, animals, plants, spaces, materials and environments.

We and everything that surrounds us exert an influence on everything and everyone. When these influences are in harmony with expectations we experience no disturbance.

Whenever this is not the case we must ask ourselves what we are to do to make it better.

Existing methods of measurement and all of science combined lacks the answers to such complex processes as life itself. Every device made by man has an imperfection built in its very core and so cannot detect the elementary causes of changes but can only deal with consequences and symptoms which have a deviation great enough to be detected.

Only an open minded person with developed potential, clean conscience, open heart and an incalculable need to help others has the ability to detect and correctly capture and treat information acquired with procedures where measures are performed with the help of the person’s soul, conscience and biopotential.

Thus acquired information allows us to create an imprint which shows states that can be harmonised with the help of natural laws that existed long before man had the wish to conquer nature and himself.

When we successfully detect and define the information-energy imprint we have the option to treat activities of change.

A healthy mindset encourages you to acknowledge everything already tried, invented and applied, but what you will use for yourself and others in your responsibility and yours alone.

Poznik Information Technology allows us to process data so that on the basis of the results obtained, we process procedures for the elaboration of the protocol, which enables the necessary and desired changes.