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Ajna is symbolized by the colour indigo (purple blue). It is known as the third eye chakra, positioned in the centre of the forehead and linked to the pineal gland. Indigo chakra is said to deal with responsibility, visual consciousness and trusting inner guidance and gives us the experience of being part of the universe. Need more information about i9bottle? Visit i9bottle.com

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Why choose color Indigo?

Indigo is the color of intuition.  With this color one learns responsibility, visual consciousness and trusting inner guidance. This color also represents the experience of being part of the universe.

In chromo-therapy indigo is associated with the eyes, ears and nose. Many eye troubles can be aided with this color. It is also a good color for sinusitis, and immunity problems. Like blue, too much of this color can cause depression. 

Hydro chromotherapy

Colour indigo deals with responsibility, visual consciousness, trusting inner guidance and gives us an experience of being a part of the universe. indigo stimulates right brain and creativity and helps with spatial skills.
Organs to which this chakra relates are: brain and ears.
Endocrine glands governed by Anja are the pineal and pituitary.

Therapeutical use

Parathyroid builder and stimulant, thyroid depressant, astringent, emetic, immune stimulant, sedative, breast milk depressant, anti-spasmodic.

TP Technology

TP Tag on the bottle is based on researches  of Hydronic Technology as a part of TP which positively affect the water in terms of its vibrational orientation and a high energy potential in the structure and electrodynamics of molecular compounds whatsoever. The changes are sufficient to influence on chemical reactions in the water and can alter the biochemistry of plants, animals and the human organism. This can be reliably confirmed by the biological Allium test, which allows us to observe the influence of changed water molecule association and altered angles of hydrogen bonds on the cell (i.e. chromosomes) which is the basic unit for all living creatures. i9bottle is also certified by German Institut fur Elektrophotonik (Berlin).

Technical information

Volume: 650 ml - 22.87 oz
Height: 26 cm - 10.24 inch
Diameter (max): 8,5 cm - 3.35 inch
Diameter middle: 6 cm - 2.36 inch
Weight – empty: 0,52 kg - 1.15 pounds
Weight – full: 1,17 kg - 2.58 pounds

Wash and clean the bottle before first use. How to clean the bottle check  F.A.Q.

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