Energy Table Mat

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You can place anything, including food scanned with a barcode scanner or laser, on the Mat for a few minutes and thereby achieve that the negative, left spin energy converts into the positive, right spin energy.

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By placing food or beverages on the Energy Table Mat, we achieve balance. The left spin (negative) energy in the products is converted into the right spin (positive) energy.

With this you can cancel the negative influences that the food has been exposed to on its way to your home.

In addition to various ways of warehouse storage, transport and handling, most of the food available in supermarkets is in the end scanned with an optical scanner. This happens when the product code is scanned at the cash register. In this phase a transfer of information occurs, so that food, beverages and other objects are infused with chaotic information, which negatively influence the balance and processes. With the regular use of the Energy Table Mat, by placing every product on the Mat before being consumed, you can activate the finest potential in all foodstuffs.

This will result in wholesome food that has the best energy and information value. Food is a vibration that the organism accepts and not the grams that a scale shows.

The influence of barcodes on the quality of food has been measured by Prof. Dr. Peter Bukovec with the help of the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) electrography method.

Barcode – Influence / B.Eng. Martin Gunter, Laufen Oberbayern Preis Strich Codes

Through the transfer of information during optical scanning the information is also imprinted on the product, food or medicine.

Like all geometric shapes even the barcode emits radiation like a low-energy antenna. It works as a transmitter of radiation, which can increase with optical scanning as well as with sunrays. The power of the barcode radiation is thus augmented and activated with moving light. The optical scanner increases the bioenergy pollution of barcodes.

Any form of light in motion activates certain processes when in contact with barcodes. Even fluorescent lights which flicker 120 times in a second can activate the codes.

Any foodstuff, food or beverage, which carries a barcode, can be energetically contaminated. When it is scanned multiple times, the energy-information potential is limited, damaged or augmented.

None of the mentioned effects are beneficial so we advise that whatever you buy and bring home be placed on the informed Energy Mat for 1 minute.

In this way you will increase your chances to take full advantage of your food, beverages and objects and provide better health and wellbeing for yourself and your family.

The Mats have coded data as energy of forms, colours and numerical algorithms. Based on this data we can print various messages, pictures, graphical images and representations for all functional and marketing goals. The print does not influence the original information and does not cancel the effect.

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