Data Capture and Treatment Technology

The technology is comprised of several procedures where we use numerical inscriptions, energy form calculations, colour influence characteristics, audio transcriptions and sociological, philosophical and historical elements. When the universal data is treated, specific data and wishes are added. After the final calculations and measurements the final inscription is constructed using signs, colours, symbols and numerical codes.
When using Poznik Information Technology it is possible to sense the elementary deviations and states that allow methods of balancing and the removal of the causes and not only symptoms.

We mostly use radiesthesic apparatuses and kinesiologic tests. Thus we get the first evaluation of different states and influences. This is followed by a myriad of different procedures with which we strengthen the conviction in the accurateness of the diagnosis.

When we reach modulation with the help of measurements and experimental empirics we are able to produce a code inscription for the processing of changes.

This inscription allows us to imprint or emit it in many different carriers, differing in colours, shapes, sizes and materials.

The different carriers of information work by themselves and when in contact with certain elements.