BIODRUM Biological Water Treatment Device

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Biodrum is a name for the biological water treatment device made for intensive biological treatment of various kinds of polluted waters.

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The device can be used as a separate unit or as a part of a water treatment system.

The device itself is drum-shaped. The radius and length are usually the same, from 1.2 to 2.5 m. It is filled with balls the surfaces of which are the main carriers of microorganisms. The drum is attached to strong water-proof bearings and is powered by an electromotor. The construction and materials allow it to function continuously for many years with minimal maintenance costs.

How it works:

Half of the Biodrum is submerged in water. The speed with which it spins can be set from 3 up to 15 rotations per minute.

The speed is set according to the characteristics of the water such as its type, purity and oxygenation. The size of the balls and the empty space between allow the balls to wash when submerged and air when above water.

A strong water current flows through the Biodrum. This current brings impure, encumbered water and removes the excess of biomass from the balls. At the same time, excess air is pushed from the spaces between the balls into the water and ventilates the water as well as the surface of the balls. The rotating Biodrum cleans itself completely and will not get clogged.