APIT Patches for Relieving Pain

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The APIT method is the result of the cooperation between Vogrinčič apiary and Poznik Technologies. It is based on apitherapy practices and Poznik Information Technology.

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We have developed informed elements which carry information with the effect of bee stings without its side effects like pain, swelling and the danger of anaphylactic shock. The elements contain a great many number of positive and useful information which target pain relief and good feeling.

The informed patches are placed on the areas where the pain is using microporous duct tape, with the sign facing down, i.e. touching the skin. Apitherapy is a science about how bees and bee products can improve and preserve health. Knowledge about its benefits are as old as humanity itself, recipes and usefulness of bee products can be seen on the texts left by the earliest civilizations.

Bee Venom

Bee stings have been used by the Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks for curing rheumatoid arthritis. In the modern age this therapy has been used more extensively since 1888, when the Czech doctor Filip Terč (he also worked and lived in Slovenia) published a book where he studied the link between bee stings and rheumatoid arthritis. Terč was probably the first modern doctor to treat this disease with bee stings. The study confirmed the reduction of inflammatory responses and the transfer of pain signals.

The health benefits of bee venom analgesically and anti-inflammatorily: for healing chronic pain, inflammation, joint diseases, injuries, it lowers blood pressure, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, raises general tension of muscle tissue, raises working capacity of the organism, curing bacterial diarrhea and increases tolerance of bee stings in sensitive patients.

  1. We can use bee venom in several ways: with bee stings, ointments, injections, massage, electro-galvanic applications, inhalation, oral ingestion or acupuncture.
  2. Because of possible immune response to allergens it must be done under strict medical control.
  3. It reduces pain, improves feeling, does not cause pain or swelling
  4. No danger of anaphylactic shock and can be used by all without limits.
  5. No bees are being harmed.

Summary of good practices

We read feedback and responses from users so that we can more easily direct further research and recommendations. The summary of good practices is a positive surprise because of the innovative approaches of users.

In the beginning we thought that the patches will be a welcome addition in the relief of a narrower amount of problems, but it has become increasingly obvious that they are beneficial with all the problems for which the classical apitherapy has known the solutions for years.

Because the percentage of positive experience is over 90%, we are convinced that we have provided the market with a product which is beneficial and can be upgraded and improved with the help of customer feedback.

It is encouraging that this is a result of seemingly incompatible fields which are now connected into new knowledge and quality. The beekeeping and apitherapy haven’t lost anything, but merely improved in symbiosis. Previous rich experience of apitherapy received an accolade by being proven by modern technologies and transformed into a new shape.

Apitherapy remains its own field. It contributed an important share to new technologies. However, the information technologies received a new dimension which allows them to use past experience to improve on existing practices.

In the future we must strive to improve all knowledge without the fear that we are losing anything old. Perhaps in the future we will be able to solve some of the problems the beekeepers are facing using information technology. The first tests already show encouraging results in preventing VAROA and we are continuing with the tests.

Generally we have established that users have followed the basic instructions about the use of APIT patches. At first they used it to alleviate the pain from hits, back pain, knee pain and joint paint, but later the field of use has expanded significantly. Today we are seeing a great variety of positive uses in treating various problems.

The greatest variety of applications can be found in connection to the spine or anything related to it.

Problems of movement, knee, ankles, hip, joints, are successfully treated by most users.

Relieving different sorts of pain from injuries, toothache, menstrual pain, cold and various infections has a broad scope and a high percentage of success.

Cases where the user’s general wellbeing and feeling have also improved have been known to occur, which is the result of additional information of a more general scope.

Some users shared their good experience with their doctors who did not advise against the use of the product.