Poznik Technologies Search for Answers

Poznik Technologies Search for Answers

Poznik Technologies are a result of an inner need and the restless spirit of the inventor Vili Poznik. However, they belong to all humanity, because he shares them with any and all willing to cooperate, measure and test his findings.

Official institutions usually overlook him, which probably doesn’t come from disagreement but from their fear because they can’t explain his results, which weakens their authority.

But those of a freer spirit, who wish to learn something along the way, are happy to work with him and help him understand and explain things which even he cannot.

Although what knowledge could be more important than the knowledge covered by Poznik Technologies remains a question, o many scientific fields as are regulated with Poznik Technologies haven’t been covered by any field as of yet.

On the basis of Poznik Technologies many products which help both man and nature have been developed.

Informing Products

As explained by the physicist Dr. Yuri Yatsko, everything carries a certain vibration. These vibrations may be recorded and transferred to another object. A device that allows this has been developed during the course of the twentieth century, the orgone emitter or cannon. Almost no limitations exist in its use as it is possible to transfer wishes and thoughts as well as the effects of various drugs and medicine.

To simplify, it may be said that we add positive information to inform the product. We can witness the informing of products in Vili Poznik’s laboratory, where he has collected and saved tens of thousands of information. According to the design and purpose of the product, he selects appropriate information and then transfers them into the product using orgone emitters. Such a glass informs the water, which accepts and retains this information and thus its properties are changed. When we ingest the informed water we also inform our bodily cells and provide them with a certain set of instructions. This water can vitalise our body, help us overcome stressful situations and even help us lose weight. Most of all, it’s important that this water is vitalised and of a higher quality.

The Hydronic water vitaliser works in a similar way. This device is installed in the water system and informs the water of houses and buildings. The research team Hydronic (Vili Poznik, Vili Turšič, Jože Vetrovec, Vlado Magajna and Franc Resnik) earned the award for the best invention in the field of ecology on the American Exposition of Innovation in Pittsburgh in 2000. This water, which Poznik calls the live water, also has positive effects on plants and animals.