3D Energy Tag - Microwave

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3D Energy Tags made by Poznik Technologies restore the natural properties and vibrations of water, thus influencing the wellbeing of people, animals and plants.

Increases microwaved food's vitality = food's information-energy potential

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The 3D Energy Tag - Microwave protects and improves the energy of food.

It is known that the energy of microwaves affects food. By introducing the informed plate, we decrease the microwave’s negative effects. The information works on the food by augmenting the processes of vitalisation inside and thus allows us to produce more energy from the same amount of food.

The tag must be placed on the outside of the microwave; on the door or on the sides.

How To Apply The Tag

  • Clean the desired spot and let it dry completely.
  • Carefully peel off the tag; preferably use tweezers.
  • Apply the tag to clean and dry surface so that XX-YY code is at the bottom of the tag.
  • Clean the tag only with water.

Poznik Technologies have been recognized for their innovative approach to improve the quality of life, wellbeing and health with more than 90 international awards.

Units in the package: 1 pc